Combustion Chamber Igniter (7T/75T)
  • Combustion Chamber igniter is a part related to initial ignition of the launch of space launch vehicles that are connected to a dual pyro valve, cartridge at the front, and NC pyro valve at the rear, and the cartridge is equipped with two three-way ball valves for TEAL(triethylaluminium) charging.
  • The operation mechanism is comparably simple, highly reliable, and has a fast response time and high hermeticity that can be used at high pressure of 125 bar and low temperature (below -40℃) and is supplied in various sizes.
  • explosion bolt

Product Specifications

Fluid Compatibility TEAL(Triethylaluminium)
Size 1/4"
Other sizes available
Proof pressure 23 MPa
Proof pressure 1.1 x MEOP (25 MPa)
Op Temperature 90 ~ 333 K
Leakage < 1x10-6 scc/s (GHe)
Response Time < 7ms(Mechanical)
  • missile nozzle
    Combustion Chamber Igniter 7T
  • explosion bolt manufacturer
    Combustion Chamber Igniter 75T