About Us


Since its establishment in 2009, Neospec Co., Ltd. is producing the best products in various industries including defense, aerospace, and semiconductor, and they are acknowledged for their performance by the market. 회사소개서 다운로드
  • Defense
    Manufacturing Initiator, Explosive Bolt, Nozzle, and more
  • Aerospace
    Product development and mass production of pyro valves, Combustion Chamber igniters, and more
  • Semiconductor
    Product development and mass production of heater parts, dome repair, medical devices, etc.
  • For the aerospace industry, we are supplying and participating in product development of core products for Korean-style launch vehicle propulsion units such as Combustion Chamber igniter, GGI igniter, pyro valve, and more. For the defense industry, we are producing initiators, explosive bolts, nozzles, and more.
  • For the semiconductor industry, we have succeeded in localizing HDP-CVD Dome Repair, and we are producing precision medical device parts as well. With various experimental devices, we ensure product quality and reliability via environmental test, performance test, etc. We provide optimal solutions that suit the client’s needs with our rich experience, optimal design, and precise processing technology, with a challenging spirit and passion, we are advancing toward the domestic as well as the global market.
  • With continuous development and localization of core products, we will approach clients and we will do our best to renew ourselves with trust.
Major clients
Major clients - Agency for Defense Development, Korea Aerospace Research Institute, LIG Nex1, LIG POONGSAN PROTECH, Hyundai Rotem, Poongsan, Hanwha, Vitzro MILTECH, Inha University(Jet Propulsion Laboratory), Seoul National University, Mico, Komico, and more.
  • 국방과학연구소
  • 한국항공우주연구원
  • LIG넥스원
  • LIG
  • (주)한화
  • 인하대학교
  • 서울대학교
  • MiCo
  • KOMiCo